Property developer Harnek Kang is offering three scholarships. Additionally, each of these scholarships is valued at $1,000 USD. The scholarship program is open to students across all years. Also, note that the scholarship program is exclusively open to post-secondary schools in the US. Therefore, a proof of letter of acceptance is necessary to qualify for this scholarship. Students  will have to attach the letter of acceptance during the application process.

In addition to the proof of letter of acceptance, Harnek would like to invite students in all programs to apply for this scholarship. He encourages all who plan to succeed in school without feeling the burdens of tuition debt to apply.

Last but not least, when applying, please upload your letter of acceptance. In addition, in under 500 words, tell us why you are choosing to pursue a career in your program. Furthermore, explain to us how you plan on making a change in the world with the education that you will receive. Write a little bit about yourself, why we should choose you, and how you are different from others. Finally, let us know how our scholarship will help you find success!

Harnek Kang Scholarship Program – Application Deadline

February 10th, 2018, 11:50pm EST. 

harnek kang scholarship students attending a lecture in a college library smiling

Eligibility for Scholarship Program

  • Must recently have been accepted to or currently enrol in an accredited college or university in the United States.
  • Must provide a copy of Letter of Acceptance.
  • Participating in the Harnek Kang Scholarship Program constitutes your consent to use your personal information for marketing and publicity purposes.
  • Applicants must explain why they should be chosen to be the successful candidate for the scholarship in the essay portion of the application

Please also take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions for further eligibility information. If you meet the criteria outlined above, Apply Now!

Harnek Kang will announce the winner of his scholarship program on March 15th, 2018.

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